Hackathon Winner with Team E3!

Electronic waste is becoming a tough global environmental issue for years as our electronic device consumption rises. The most common and economical way to mininize its negtive impact is its efficient collection. As an effort in drawing social concern on this problem, I joined with a group of young social entrepreneurs who were in the field of e-waste solution. They are pretty serious in the game of eradicating electronic waste for years and extremely pleasure to work with.

In the hackathon held by EHV municipality, we brainstormed, we planned and we iterated many possible ways to make e-waste not only meaningful and impactful. We want to make it as fun as you favorite phone games. So we end up employing visualization as a media to support a game-like platform to invite citizens from different neighborhoods to join this campaign to spread the words and invite more.


In the final presentation, we showed a map based visualization which joints the people from different cities collectively to produce a shared view of each participated city.

With the visualization platform, people can glance and see how each city is actively involved in recycling their electronic waste. The detailed description of the exact number of recyclables and the reduced carbon emission by the citizens can be seen by hovering on the performance bar of the underlying city. You can find the local recycle sites easily by clicking the city you are in (Eindhoven in this case).

The solution won favorable comments from the jury. This granted us the third award with 500 euro reward. Nice!

Cick here to see it in your browser.

Thanks unsplash-logoAdam Birkett

Wei Li

I'm an Eindhoven-based Ph.D candidate who works on visualization. I combine algorithmic power with appealing visual design to inspire new perspectives in data informed problems.

Eindhoven, the Netherlands

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